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Thanks to everyone for using the site the past few years. As you can see, I've had virtually no time at all to maintain things but I've decided to start tinkering around with rewriting parts of the site. I'll probably start by focusing on stats. If there are any existing or unique stats systems for TF2 or similar games that you'd like to point out, please let me know by emailing feedback@[this domain]. I've been saving raw logfiles for every lobby ever played, so any changes will thankfully be able to be applied retroactively.

There will likely be downtime in March as the server host physically moves the server this site runs on to a different location, but it should take less than 3 hours. I don't pay close attention to when the site goes down, so please send an email to support@[this domain] in the future if you notice any downtime that lasts longer than a few hours.

Speaking of servers, for some reason I continue to fork out several hundred dollars a month for a dedicated server to run this site. This will continue, but I'm tempted to stoop to asking for donations soon.



Steam Integration

TF2Lobby is now tied to the Steam OpenID system. In essence, all login functions are performed offsite and securely through Steam. You'll be redirected offsite to Steam in order to login rather than everything being neatly contained in one page. This change has a few side effects:

  • You no longer have to remember a separate password for TF2Lobby.
  • For new users, there's no longer a signup process. RIP "tf2lobby:31278584" codes :(. Just log in through Steam, provided your account has a copy of TF2!
  • FLOOR_MASTER no longer has to deal with issues from players whose email provider drops emails from the TF2Lobby password reset service.
  • The only negative - if Steam goes down, you'll likely not be able to login to TF2Lobby. This shouldn't be a big problem since logins are valid on TF2Lobby for a month.
[Cumulative Stats]

Cumulative Stats

As the natural extension of Match Statistics, today we have launched Cumulative Stats. The Cumulative Stats are listed on each user's TF2Lobby Profile and reflect stats gathered from matches played through TF2Lobby, where stats were able to be recorded. We've improved stats gathering significantly and virtually every match is now covered under the Match Stats/Cumulative Stats system.

Like its Match Stats counterpart, Cumulative Stats is a comprehensive collection of data on every TF2Lobby player, organized by Class, Weapons, and Maps. Key metrics such as kill+assists:deaths ratios, kills+assists per minute, and ubercharges deployed/dropped are displayed, along with dozens of other pieces of data.

Many of the Cumulative Stats charts are interactive, allowing you to filter what they display; look for gray instructional text or off-white buttons.

TF2 Backpacks and Crafting

TF2Lobby Profiles now display TF2 Backpack data if the user's Steam Profile is public. Backpack items can be viewed by class using the panel to the right of the main backpack display.

Below the backpack is a crafting simulator that implements the crafting recipes listed in the TF2 Wiki. Of course, random items you receive through the crafting simulator won't necessarily match items you receive via actual crafting, but the simulator is an easy way to see what you are able to craft.

Note that items you have not yet added to your backpack will not be displayed - support for this will come in a future update.

Lobby Transferral

You can now transfer the Lobby Leader position to another Lobby Member. This feature is especially useful for server owners who would like to set up a Lobby but not give out their RCON password to other players. As a Lobby Leader, you simply click on the "Transfer" button in the bottom Lobby toolbar, then click on the player to whom you want to transfer the Lobby.

Ragequit/No-Show Data

The Cumulative Stats processor now determines if players left a match early, never showed up, or if a player volunteered to substitute but never arrived. This information is now displayed directly in the Lobby, as seen on the right. Lobby Leaders may use their discretion in deciding whether with a high RQ percentage can remain in their Lobby or not.

No-shows are determined in an automated way and are not influenced reporting a user. The reporting feature is still the preferred method for requesting a substitute.

...and more!

Check the Change Log below for full details on the recent updates.

[Lobby Stats]
[Lobby Profile]

Match Statistics

Today marks the launch of several major new features, by far the most significant update thus far. In the backend lies a hook into match log files which allows us to collect detailed information about each match; this information is made available through our new Match Statistics display, seen on the right (click on the image to view an actual Match Statistics page).

For supported maps, a match timeline is available, where significant events like kills and captures are plotted precisely where they occurred during the match. The match timeline features an animated playback, and its playback speed can be adjusted with a number of presets. The most popular maps are presently supported (listed below in the change log), but new maps will be added according to what's played most often. Note that future support for specific maps with the match timeline will apply retroactively, so matches played from this point forward will still have their data recorded.

Regardless of match timeline support, detailed statistical information about the match is available, including who killed who, what weapons were used, how much time was spent playing each class, and what everyone's kill streaks were, to name a few.

The Match Statistics page is still a work in progress, and many extensions are planned.

User Profiles

The second major addition is a user profile page for each TF2Lobby user. Your profile page is accessible by logging in and clicking on the profile icon in the lounge - it looks like a bar graph.

Presently, user profiles display a record of every match that user started in, as well as information on the match settings and its starting lineup. If Match Statistics are available for that match, a link will appear, circled in red in the screenshot to the right.

Future expansion of the User Profile page is in progress, and will eventually include global cumulative statistics for each user, the long-awaited karma display, and more!

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We've been working on a major new feature the past few days, and we've put everything else on hold until it's completed. It'll likely be ready in some early form this weekend. In the mean time, Valve has restored the 16 EU TF2 servers. Thanks, Valve!

By popular demand, we've added full support for 9v9 Highlander games, in which each team has exactly one of each 9 classes

Yesterday, we added a "Comment on Match" feature where you can directly send us reports on whether the system worked smoothly or if there were problems. We read every comment and your feedback guides what we prioritize working on, so please make use of it, especially if things went well.


We've added a new system for reporting no-shows/ragequits and automatically requesting a substitute. When the match begins, a new post-lobby page loads with an unobstructed list of the players in your match and button for reporting a missing player. If a player doesn't show up or leaves the game early, you can report that player as missing by clicking on the "Missing Player" button, then the name. After 4 players report someone missing, a sub request is automatically sent to the main lounge, as pictured:

If you are in the lounge, you can click on the RED (or BLU) bar to join that game and fill in as a sub. Sub requests are only sent out once per missing player. If you're in a game where you need to find a sub for a sub, please manually ask the lounge chat for a sub.

New to the post-lobby page and the entire site in general is the karma system. Karma will be tracked on TF2Lobby as a measure of a player's sportsmanship and competency. We will be keeping karma values hidden until we have a more full set of data to interpret.

Until then, the following actions will influence your karma:

  • Being reported as missing/quitting a match early (-)
  • Being negatively marked postmatch by your peers (-)
  • Being positively marked postmatch by your peers (+)
  • Accepting a substitution request (+)
  • Abuse or spam of the system by administrative judgment (-)
  • Contributing a server to the stock system (+)
  • Participating in a match, i.e. joining a lobby and being sent the server request (+)

Once we have substantial reports on our users, we will make these karma values publicly visible: lobby leaders may use them per their discretion to kick problem players from their lobbies.

Additional consequences of karma in the future may include removal of chat privileges for low karma or colored names in chat for very high karma; a top-karma list is also in planning.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that the Best Available server pool is provided as a free convenience for casual games. Ideally, lobby leaders would provide their own servers if high performance is a concern.

» Change Log

  • Added icons indicating which classes are available to the main lobby list
  • Fixed Backpack display in Profiles (there are still some quirks in the item descriptions)
  • Updated login system to use Steam OpenID
  • Updated Steam name and avatar queries to use the Steam Web API
  • Updated the TF2 ownership verification system to use the Steam Web API (your profile must be set public when creating a new account on TF2Lobby)
  • Update GeoIP database (for estimating server locations)

Click to Toggle Past Changelog Entries

  • Updated backpack data with new items from today's TF2 update
  • Updated backpack data with new items from today's TF2 update
  • Updated backpack data with new items from today's TF2 update
  • Updated backpack data with new items from today's TF2 update
  • Updated GeoIP database (more accurate server locations)
  • Updated backpack display to support Hire Date field
  • Updated backpack data with new items from today's TF2 update
  • Updated backpack data with new items from today's TF2 update
  • Updated backpack data with new items from today's TF2 update
  • Fixed Backpack display errors when the Steam Community is down
  • RQ data is now displayed as a Reliability percentage
  • Added Account Preferences system
  • The size of the Lounge Chat window is now saved and automatically loaded for logged-in users
  • Fixed bug in which assists data wasn't displayed in the Weekly and Hourly intervals charts
  • Clicking 'No Open Lobbies' in the Lounge will now open up the Create Lobby dialog
  • LobbyID #s are now displayed directly in Profile Lobby Info boxes and in the Match Stats headers
  • Added ability for Lounge Note text to be updated dynamically
  • Fixed minor CSS issues
  • Added duplicate message warning to Lounge chat
  • Fixed bug in which Lobby Info profile links would not recognize clicks
  • Added server location map to Lobby Info box
  • Fixed formatting issues in the Post Lobby page
  • Improved coverage of automated server region detection
  • Added small server location preview to Lobby Info box
  • Added automated cumulative stats processor
  • Added ragequit display in lobbies
  • Added cumulative class stats
  • Added cumulative weapon stats
  • Added cumulative map stats
  • Added interval charts
  • Condensed Lobby links pasted in Lounge chat
  • Fixed one cause of the bug in which a lobby may remain open after the lobby creator times out
  • The Lobby Exit link will now close the current tab/window when appropriate instead of returning to the Lounge
  • Fixed bug in which Stalemate match times would be interpreted incorrectly (fix applies retroactively)
  • RQ data is now displayed in users' TF2 Lobby Profiles
  • Added additional tooltips to Cumulative Stats
  • Lobbies now open in a new tab/window
  • The Lounge chat will now scroll down when its height is increased and it was previously fully scrolled down
  • Added Medic-specific stats to Match Statistics (healing, ubers deployed, ubers dropped)
  • Fixed bug involving lobby members appearing invisible in spectator mode until the lobby was manually refreshed
  • Added a Crafting Simulator to the user profiles
  • mp_windifference is now set to 0 by default
  • Added ability to double-click on a Backpack item to move it to the Crafting Simulator
  • Past News and Changelog items are now collapsible
  • Added ability to display class icons instead of player avatars in Match Timelines
  • Added individual item attribute descriptions to backpack display
  • Added region flags to the primary lobby listings
  • Lobbies are now sorted with user's region first (private lobbies are still displayed at the bottom)
  • Added ability to transfer the Lobby Leader position to another player. Server owners who don't want to play can now set up a lobby and hand it off to someone else without needing to give their RCON password to another player.
  • Fixed bug in which new public lobbies would sometimes not appear.
  • Added backpack display from Steam Community items feed to user profiles
  • Added help tooltips and direct link to Edit Steam Profile page in Sign Up dialog
  • Added Items by Class sorting option to backpack display
  • Added match timeline support for cp_gullywash and cp_gorge
  • Added item descriptions to backpack display
  • Added ability to resize Lounge chat area
  • Added match timeline support for pl_goldrush, koth_viaduct, cp_junction_final, cp_follower, and cp_egypt_final
  • Timestamps for past chat events are now properly adjusted to account for offsets in clients' clocks
  • Added support for game servers specified as hostnames (instead of IPs) to the stats server
  • Added match timeline support for pl_hoodoo_final
  • Added admin tools for disconnecting unsynchronized game servers from the log server
  • Added admin tools for managing pool servers more efficiently
  • Added new stats engine
  • Added profile page - profile pages are publicly accessible but currently only linked directly when logging in
  • Added lobby history to profile page, categorized by month
  • Added multi-game server real-time log stream server
  • Added TF2 log file parser
  • Added lobby history to profile page, categorized by month
  • Added match timeline that displays a plot of selected match events on a map overview
  • Added match timeline support for the maps: cp_yukon_final, cp_badlands, cp_granary, cp_well, cp_dustbowl, cp_fastlane, pl_badwater, ctf_turbine, cp_gravelpit, cp_freight
  • Added cumulative/window modes to match timeline charts
  • Added vitals table
  • Added kill matrix table
  • Added support for automated log streaming in server configuration
  • Added timeline markers denoting flag/CP captures
  • Usernames in the Lounge are now linked to their TF2Lobby profiles
  • Fixed bug in which certain browsers were unable to accept match comments longer than 24 characters.
  • Added Steam Friends integration. Steam friends are now shown at the top of the lounge's Online Now list if your profile is public.
  • Clicking users in the Online Now list now opens their Steam Community profile.
  • Added support for 9v9 Highlander games. Note that none of the EU servers are large enough to support 9v9 - please provide your own server.
  • Added support for reporting a no-show/ragequit without requesting a sub.
  • Added 4 European and 5 North American servers to the server pool.
  • Improved response time of Lobby Info requests.
  • Added the ability to link directly into a private lobby with the password specified in the URL.
  • Added a "Comment on Match" feature to the post-lobby page for reporting good experiences or problems with the match.
  • Private lobbies are now listed at the bottom of the lobby list.
  • Lobby passwords are now automatically inserted into the lobby URL for easy sharing.
  • Reloading the post-lobby page will no longer reconnect you to the game server.
  • Added a post-lobby (PL) page with an unobstructed player list and match instructions.
  • Added a karma system to PL page. Note that karma data is presently not displayed.
  • Added a no-show/ragequit reporting system to the PL page.
  • Added an automated sub request system triggered after enough reports.
  • Added a system for accepting sub requests and auto-connecting.
  • Linked sub request system to servers. Players in-game will receive console messages with sub request status.
  • The Online Now list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed bug in which login sessions timed out early.
  • Fixed bug in which another SteamID auth key was generated by visiting the About page.
  • Fixed bug in the SteamID auth key recognition process.
  • Added time windows in which karma/missing reports are valid.
  • Added automated karma gain/loss for various events in the system.
  • Improved server-assignment method to minimize/eliminate double booking.
  • Added an embedded YouTube video viewer. YouTube links in the lounge will display a clickable icon that plays the video directly.
  • New sub requests now scroll into view when first displayed.
  • Added region flags to Lobby Info details.
  • Fixed bug involving auth codes placed in profile comments.
  • Fixed bug involving Lobby Info not loading properly.
  • Links pasted in chat are now clickable (will open in new tab/window).
  • Added ability for lobby leaders to send audio alerts to players.
  • Added lobby creation limits (presently 6 partially-filled public lobbies, 3 partially-filled private lobbies) for Best Available servers.
  • Added spectator counts to lobbies.
  • Lobby server will now properly cleanup existing stale lobbies and resync active lobby listing clients on restart.
  • Added TF2 ownership verification during account registration.
  • Fixed bug involving users disappearing from the online list when reloading the lobby list.
  • Added welcome email on successful signup.
  • Added a password reset system.
  • Fixed bug involving displaying Unicode characters.
  • Fixed bug in which chat names would appear blank immediately after registration.
  • Improved client-side detection of connection errors to lobby listing server.
  • Improved response time to Lobby Info requests.
  • Added detailed lobby configuration info to Lobby Info panel.
  • Improved real-time server handling of database failures.
  • Improved response time to invalid map inputs.
  • Fixed scrollbar issue with detailed Lobby Info panel.
  • Fixed bug in which "None" would not appear after lobby filled up and was delisted.
  • Improved handling of unusual connection states in lobby listing server.
  • Improved look and feel of scrollbars on lobby listing page.
  • Improved lobby listing chat interface.
  • Improved update rates on lobby info previews.
  • Fixed incorrect weapon spread setting and disabled pausable in config files.
  • Transitioned to a new real-time lobby list and chat system.
  • Redesigned lobby listing page.
  • Added lobby info preview which presently lists who is in a lobby.
  • Fixed bug in which lobby chat would not auto-scroll to most recent chat.
  • Added 16 European Valve servers to the server pool.
  • Fixed bug involving a user's class selection being displayed when in the spectator team.
  • Fixed case in which one lobby closing impacts another lobby.
  • The lobbies were switched over to a new real-time system, which pushes out lobby changes instantaneously.
  • Added class selection support. The available classes will reflect the selected class limits configuration.
  • Added a random team button. A team is selected completely randomly without regard to current team balance.
  • A lobby leader changing a config option now resets everyone's ready-up state.